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Hi - it's nice to meet you!  I'm Mindy - and I have been a quilter and fabric-lover for more than 20 years.  I love it all - from planning, preparing, cutting, sewing, pressing, using - and, most of all, gifting my quilts to special people in my life.

I was blessed with good genes!  I grew up with the sights, sounds and delicious aromas of sewing machines and fabric!  It always felt so natural to find patterns and fabric to "make things" and spend hours in our cozy craft room.  My family is an amazing collection of artists and crafters - and I am happy to say I followed in their footsteps.  Both of my grandmothers, my mother, and my sister are all artistically gifted in many ways, from sewing to crocheting to needlepoint to knitting.  In fact, my mother used to sew doll clothes, bedding and drapery, children's clothing as well as knit exquisite sweaters, suits, coats and dresses.  One of my uncles, E.J. Bird, was a prominent aritst in Utah who spent part of his young life working for Walt Disney.


How could I not be creative in some way?  My wish is that I may help you to be even more creative and to enjoy this awesome journey of quilting!


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